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    Dynasty/salary cap league

    Anybody got a dynasty league that has a salary cap? Please give me your set up.

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    • International Keeper League

      Rules and Regulations


      1. All Team names must have a City name and Mascot.

      2. All teams must have an open email so they can be contacted.

      3. All teams are required to keep 7 players. 6 Veterans and. 1 Sophomore or Rookie.

      You do not have to carry a Rookie or Sophomore during the season buy teams that don’t have 1 will have to keep and release their worst player post draft for a $10 charge. There are more than enough available.

      3. The Team Auction Budget is set to $251 per team. Use it or lose it. You can not carry over Auction funds post draft.

      13TH PLAYER
      $1 was added for the 13th roster spot. This is going to be for injured players only. Teams are only allowed to carry 12 healthy players during the season meaning you may have to drop 1 player after the draft if you have 13 players. Any team that fails to do so will have the last player they drafted dropped by the commish. If a player is injured and you want to carry 13 you can not play the injured player. There is no DL in fantasy basketball and therefore the reason for this spot.


      If you acquire a player you also acquire his salary.

      4. Your funding for next year will be reset following the draft under League Finances to $251. These funds can be traded but no team is allowed to go below $150. You must take into account keepers salaries when trading.

      You are allowed to go overbudget in trades but many players will become 1 year rentals. You will have to balance your budget for the following season.

      Teams that do not make the playoffs will get an extra $50 for the Auction the following season. This is a luxury and does not go towards actual cap space. You need to budget at $251.


      Every team will have a $251 budget minus the players they keep. Non playoff teams will have $301. $50 of which is not included towards the salary cap budget.

      No team can keep a salary over $245 because you need atleast $6 remaining to draft the 6 players

      This rule is intended to spike a non playoff teams chances. It is not designed for someone to afford to keep multiple stars for an extra season.

      Each player you keep will count against your salary cap going into next season.
      Example. If the total of your Keepers Salaries are $150 it will leave you with a budget of $101 for the draft.

      Minimum Keeper Salary is $10. This includes all drafted or undrafted players that are acquired for less than $10.

      Any player released from a roster and claimed through waivers or FA salary will be eligible to be kept for $10 regardless whether someone paid more in the draft.

      Keepers salaries will not go up until they are kept 2 years in a row. At that time the salary will increase 10% or $5 whichever is greater.

      A player is considered a Keeper until he is released by a team. Traded players retain their Keeper Status until they are released.

      Players on waivers will go through a bidding process before they clear waivers. Each team will have $100 for their waiver budget. For further info check league settings.

      All players aquired on Waivers or Free Agency are eligible to be kept for $10

      All teams will play each other once this season with a 2nd game against another team based on your profile score. These games will be on Rivalry Week 5.

      We will have 8 division games next year with the strength of schedule. Division Champs wont play the bottom teams in other divisions. 2nd wont play 4th place and 3rd wont play 3rd place teams. With that the division games will become stronger and it will make the league more competitive.

      We ask that all lineups are set daily.
      If a team goes unchecked for an extended period of time we will send a quick reminder and if it is not addressed we will find new ownership. If you are very busy we suggest adding a CO-Manager to help.

      If for some reason you are not going to come back the following season please let me know so I can find a replacement owner that can join you as a Co- Manager


      Make sure to Vote on the polls and stay active and vocal this is a league we will build together.

      All suggestions are considered. Many have already been implemented.

    • I have a 20 team auction keeper with a salary cap. I can put you on the waiting list if you want


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