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  • Gabriel Gabriel Nov 29, 2012 5:53 PM Flag

    Need help!

    I am the commish of a league and I don't know what to do. Somebody dropped 2 player by accident on Sunday. Once the waiver was complete they were picked up by another person in the league. Now on Thursday almost a week later the owner that dropped the players said I made a mistake and I want them back. Now on the one hand I want to be fair and give them back (I don't know if this is possible seeing as they were already picked up) but he waited so long to tell me and now I am not sure if its fair to the other player.

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    • tell that manager who made the 'mistake' to suck it up. the transaction is over. it's too late to do anything now. plus, how do you drop a player 'by accident'? he tripped, fell on his keyboard, dropped 2 players and never regained consciousness until days later? just sounds like that manager is feeling regret. anyway, as i said; there's nothing he can do to get those players back. the only way i suppose is that he offers trades w/ that other manger.


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