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  • SirDavid SirDavid Nov 21, 2012 7:01 PM Flag

    Looking for Managers New Keeper League Draft

    what are the league settings and how many keeprs?

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    • 10 or 12 team H2H single win. Draft has been put back to tomorrow for lack of managers. I'm an exceptionally ethical commish and make sure that ALL managers are playing or they're replaced (especially as it's H2H). I've set draft to tomorrow evening.

    • Probably 4 keepers as we only have 6 roster and 6 bench. That means you keep 1/3 or your team. It's 1-win H2H w/an odd number of categories so we cut down on ties.

      We should be up to about 10 in next hour or so. I'm figuring 12 so that we have a large enough FA pool for when Tier-2 players start heating up or getting playing time to promote moves and/or trades.

      Draft is currently set for tonight. We're still seeking at least 2 more managers.


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