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  • Oreo Cookie Oreo Cookie Nov 19, 2012 10:18 PM Flag

    Y!Fantasy HELP!!! Need to change owner of a team

    thanks for the reply. i thought no one would get back to me....

    anyways i had the commish send an invite to my new email and this fixed the issue in that league....

    NOW my other issue is, i am in another league (12 man) BUT this time I AM THE COMMISH.... ANYWAY AT ALL I CAN RESOLVE THIS??? i cannot log in so theres no way FOR ME to change the email address for that team.... how would YOU fix this issue?? i would have to contact yahoo directly???????

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    • I think you can fix it. Assign someone else as commish, then have them invite your new address to take over your team. Once you're back in, have the temp commish turn those duties back over to you. Hope this helps.

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      • the thing is, who would it be possible to assign someone as a commish if i cant log in to access the commish tools?? :'(

      • hey bro, i did just that. i contact yahoo... had to pay $150 for 1 year tech support package but they said they should be able to resolve this and give me access to this account within 12-24 hours... i plan to change commish and then change the email address for that fantasy account as soon as i regain control..

        anyways, you should be nicknamed Dan the Man.... its hard sometimes to get a response (especially a legit response) on these message boards. i appreciate the insight and most importantly the effort you gave me. i would rep you if i could on this site. ur awesome.