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  • Double D Double D Nov 16, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

    Is Byron Mullens and Chandler Parsons enough for JR Smith? Mullens and Collison?

    I'd like to hold onto most of my players. The main chip I need to sell is Hibbert. I'd consider Collison, Mullens, Parsons, and Glen Davis decent, but probably tradeable. I consider Vasquez and Aminu good value and I want to see how they pan out, somewhat with Davis, Collison, and Mullens.

    How can I trade for JR Smith? Is Mullens and Parsons enough? Is Mullens and Collison too much?

    10- team 9 cat H2H league. Right after Granger's injury, I traded Paul George, Sessions, and Jarrett Jack for Irving and Conley.

    My Team-

    PG- Irving, SG- Wes Mathews, G- Lillard

    SF- LeBron, PF- Ibaka, F- Glen Davis

    C- Gortat, C- Monroe

    Util- Conley, Util- Collison, Util- Hibbert

    Bench- Rubio, Aminu, Vasquez, Byron Mullens, Chandler Parsons


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