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  • payaam j payaam j Nov 9, 2012 1:03 PM Flag

    Awesome 3pm est auction draft, give it a try

    What's up ya'll. I got an auction draft 3pm est, 12pm pacific, today. It is head to head and I have sped up the options so that it goes faster than most auction drafts. Yes I am the man. This will be done in a hour and a half at the most, some will finish in about an hour. You are welcome to get in, now if you do get in here are some important things.

    Make sure you are at the draft I am not looking for auto pick teams. Also, the draft room will open at 2:30PM est, 11:30 am pacific, get in right at that time. You don't have to sit there the entire time, but just be respectful and get in then so the rest of us can see that it will be an active league. Don't be the dummy that get's in with a minute before the draft starts, sometimes the draft window loads slow and you are asking for trouble if you don't get in early. I will answer any questions you guys have on the league page and draft room.

    The league ID is 173861
    and the password is dance

    Good luck and enjoy

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