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  • payaam j payaam j Nov 3, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

    2:30 PM Est auction draft, got positions left

    Hey everybody, would like to give respect to all of you and hope all is going outstanding, in both the fantasy sports and in life. I will be drafting a league, Saturday Nov 3, at 2:30PM Est, and that is hours away, This is will be 10 man Head to Head. Also, I run the auction and speed up the format, so my auction drafts go faster than others. You will either have most of your team, or all of your team drafted in a hour.

    If you want to play and have the joy, get in. But if you do, make sure you can make the draft time. And what I suggest everyone do, is open the draft room at 2pm Est. You dont have to wait there, just open it and then do whatever you want until the draft commences. It shows people in the leauge, that this will be good and you dont have to rush to get in minutes before the draft. It is smarter and cooler.

    Now for the info,

    The league ID is 161507
    and the password is zen

    Always a good time, my leagues are great. For the masses

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