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  • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Oct 27, 2012 4:26 AM Flag

    4th year keeper league needed 3 replacememt gm's

    draft time & date is subject to change, but for the time being it will be held on oct 28 2012 around 7:15pm PST

    standard 9cat h2h league; 1pg, 1sg, 1g, 1sf, 1pf, 1f, 1c, 3util, 5 bench

    1) From year 2012-13 season of the league & any additional years, the annual amount of keepers will stay at 5 permanently.. All managers must assign keepers for 4 players &1 rookie.

    2) To make things interesting & the draft pool less diluted, managers can only assign keeper for a player for 3 straight years.. After a player is kept for 3 straight years, they go back to the draft pool to give other managers the opportunity to enjoy the player they like. If a keeper is traded away, the 3-year restriction gets reset for that keeper..

    3) To add extra challenge in this keeper league, managers are not allowed to assign keepers for their 1st round selections.
    Managers who traded away their 1st round pick on the non-keeper rounds will have their 1st selection in the draft restricted from being given the keeper status..
    Managers who traded away for an extra 1st round pick in the non-keeper rounds will have have their 1st selection in the draft restricted from being given the keeper status.

    4) Everyone must have a rookie keeper!!! if you don't assign one, I will assign one to your team.

    5) You are free to trade players/picks prior to the draft.

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