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  • Nicholas Nicholas Sep 6, 2012 1:58 AM Flag

    2 NBA Team league now open with a few spots left.....Take a look!!!!

    ID: 1889
    PW: basketball

    Hello & welcome,
    This is a 2 NBA Team league were your fantasy team is made up of 2 NBA teams. (League Champion will be rewarded by keeping both of there teams) The rest of us will be keeping 1 team, than having a 1 round draft to Make our combo teams. (Draft order is Last years standings in reverse order)

    Team Combos Available:

    Indiana Warriors or Golden State Pacers
    Memphis Pistons or Detroit Grizzlies
    Los Angeles Timberwolves or Minnesota Clippers
    Boston Bucks or Milwaukee Celtics
    Denver Suns or Phoenix Nuggets
    Orlando Rockets or Houston Magic
    Dallas Jazz or utah mavericks

    Any of the teams above may be replace with one of the free agent teams (Washington Wizards or Charlotte Bobcats)

    Teams Taken:

    New York 76ers
    Brooklyn Thunder
    New Orleans Heat
    Cleveland Spurs
    Toronto Lakers
    Chicago Kings
    Portland Hawks

    Thanks again & Good Luck All..

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