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  • mike mike Apr 2, 2012 2:33 PM Flag

    how tiebreakers work?

    Can someone explain to me how tiebreakers work for regular season. Me and another guy have the same record and he ends up with the 4th seed and I'm 5th. Because of this I'm out of playoffs. When we went head to head i beat him so shouldnt i get the last playoff spot?

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    • What I find sucky is that Yahoo breaks ties for division winners (which is a playoffs spot) by

      1) Overall winning %
      2) Division winning %
      3) Week 21 winning % and so on thru week 8

      But they don't use that same method for other playoff spots. I'm in a division with a gent and we both have 8-6 records, I'm 2-1 and he is 1-2 in the division but he made the playoffs because he won week 20 and I didn't. I believe if division record is used for division winners then it should be used for all playoff spots if division option is selected at the creation of the league. Not sure why Yahoo chose the division option without the division tiebreaker method, seems wrong to me.

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      • Stop being such a bitch Khan.
        If you were a good manager you would be in 1st and not have to rely on tiebreakers.
        You cheating peice of shit.
        I feel sorry for everyone else that joined your league thinking it would be a nice fun free league. Not only do you force people to come up with the lamest team names ever, (you might as well call next year's league Fruity Pebbles you faggot) but then you abuse your powers as commissioner to make the league play out exactly how YOU want, regaurdless of what is fair or not.

        You are so pathetic.
        And then you call me a crybaby and whiner? What the fuck do you call this post?

    • it's based on the winning percentage of the latest week.

      Here is a rule.
      Overall winning percentage
      Highest winning percentage in Week 25
      Highest winning percentage in Week 24
      Highest winning percentage in Week 23
      Highest winning percentage in Week 22
      Highest winning percentage in Week 21

    • Total BS the way yahoo breaks ties.


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