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  • DK DK Mar 23, 2012 8:16 AM Flag

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    Would you drop Kevin Martin?

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    • Dropping Kevin Martin is really dependent on how deep your league is right now. I am currently in an 8 team and 12 team league. In my 8 team league there were multiple shooting guard options such as Klay Thompson or Jordan Crawford which allowed me to drop Kevin Martin without thinking twice. However, in my 12 team league I didnt quite drop him yet just because there really isnt anyone appealing in the player pool to match the production he gives me. I might drop Kevin soon though in my 12 team league because it was reported that he has a tear in his shoulder which could be why he is playing inconsistently, so I might just have to find someone else because something is better then nothing. Jordan Crawford and Klay are good because they give you just about as many threes and points as Martin but offer a little bit more on the defensive end of the game.


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