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  • Khan Khan Feb 19, 2012 1:26 PM Flag

    Would you veto this?

    Well now you have 2 opinions. One for you and one against you. The one for you thinks its because of me being in 1st place, I can tell you it had nothing to do with it and think that you are reaching for anything to support the trade going through because YOU KNOW that you are getting by far the best end of the deal. Cmon Man Admit It, think about it why are you out here asking because you know you significantly improve your team and significantly downgrade the other manager's team. I have listed 3 reasons it got vetoed see below.

    1) A 1st round pick for a 7th round pick and someone that didn't get drafted. That alone didn't make the decision as a 7th round pick can play very well and I did take that into consideration. In my opinioin Rose is one of the top 3 players in the league and Jennings isn't even close to that.

    2) You said it yourself later after he accepted the offer, Gooden wasn't injured and now he is.

    3) I sent the other managers an email in the league asking what they thought about the trade. I received numerous replies and ALL that replied stated that they thought it was lopsided. One guy took the initiative and sent an email before I sent my email.

    I will watch this post but I suspect it will be evenly divided between the people that think a commish shouldn't do anything unless collusion is involved and those that believe it is lopsided to the Rose side.

    Sorry if you don't like this response but this post will not be the decision maker in my leagues, I made it commissioner review of trades because I've seen to many "league votes" leagues where managers don't login in time to review the trade and vote, therefore the trades go through due to lack of activity, I will not let that happen.

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    • You league should have managers voting rather than commish only vetoes. That way this could have been a non issue if the other owners were the ones who acttually vetoed the trade.

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      • You must not have read my post about commish review. I have been in Yahoo leagues for almost 10 years and have seen many lopsided trades go through because of lack of activity. Lack of activity is not a reason to let a trade go through and it happens in most leages that aren't money leagues. Go check your free leagues and see how when the last time every manager logged in. Shoot I had one league that 7 managers out of 12 havent' logged in since the 1st of the year, I have siince replaced them. Now the new managers aren't logging in, why should a trade go through because managers don't login to check for trades. Simple you don't because it destroys the integrity of the league and just because a couple of owners like to trade doesn't mean the commish should let them ruin it for all.


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