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  • Bob Bob Feb 18, 2012 7:18 AM Flag

    Ready for a challenge?

    OK this is a 20 team league that starts 8 players, H2H. This team took over a dead team from last year, and then didn't show up for the draft. After some pretty dumb trades he's decided to give up. We keep up to 5 players and the round they were drafted in the previous year is where you get to keep them. If you have two players drafted in the same round, you get to decide which player moves to the next round. So looking at this roster, you could keep, Perkins in the 10th, Hillario in the 11th, Jammison, in the 12th and Williams in the 13th. You would still have Allen and West to trade to get one last late round keeper. That way you can draft a whole new team next year, and usually after round 7 or so you can't get a guy who starts. Because in a 20 team league, round 8 is the 141-160th pick. There are only 150 NBA starters. So to have 5 extra starters set before the draft, when everyone else is picking back ups, and late draft picks would really help create a deep team. Otherwise I know a guy like Jammison to a team that is competing this year would be a valuable pick up.

    If you want to take on this challenge, please email meat robertguyette@hotmail.com

    Luke Ridnour 6th round keeper

    Reggie Williams 11th round keeper

    Tony Allen 1st round keeper

    Antawn Jamison 11th round keeper

    David West 2nd round keeper

    Corey Maggette 6th round keeper

    Udonis Haslem 8th round keeper

    J.J. Hickson 12th round keeper

    Kendrick Perkins 10th round keeper

    Kirk Hinrich
    Nene Hilario 10th round keeper

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    • actually I'm willing as the commish to offer Iggoudola, and Pau Gasol for Jammison, and Maggette. Both were first round picks which makes the set of keepers for this team, Tony Allen round 1, Iggy round 2, Pau Gasol round 3, David West round 4, and Nene round 10. Or if some more deals could easily be made with this roster to get some later round guys and open up some decent picks. I just need to find a good owner willing to fill in this debacle of a roster, and am willing to trade some of my talent to make this happen. Don't worry about my team, I'd still have Duncan rd 2, Wade rd 3, Westbrook rd 4 Pau George round 10, and have to go get one more keeper. Other wise I'd do a George for Allen deal to give this team Perkins, Nene, and Paul George Jammison and Williams As your last 5 picks. Let me know if interested.


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