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    Need Managers for Keeper Leagues

    Looking for Managers for 3 Fantasy sports league.. Here is my Idea, which has been used by others before, Fantasy Baseball, Football, and Basketball connected by the same 10-12 managers who run teams in each.

    We would start this Feb-March by drafting a Fantasy Baseball League, Then in August we'd draft Football, and in September/Oct we'd draft Basketball.. All 3 Leagues would be run on a proboards site with constant year round action. This will be a Yahoo League but the Proboards page will be used to keep contact year round. Everyone will have to stay active 365, updating their teams on the proboards page at the end of each fantasy year, with their team.

    We will also have a number of extra things going on with these leagues. In baseball we will have a minor league system, Where each year we draft 4-5 minor leaguers. We will have interleague trading where you can fix you weaknesses in one sport with your strengths. Example would be I trade Albert Pujols for Kevin Durant, trades like that can be the norm. We will also be allowed to trade draft picks in each league. I will work on getting a real trophy made if this takes off like i hope it will.. We will also most likely have a panel of managers to review trades. 4-5 mgrs plus myself to view all trades as fair or unfair.

    I have many more ideas for the league and will take others ideas into consideration.

    This will be the first year of this league, So I am looking for people interested in this league, who are experienced. So you will need to email me, tell me about yourself, also your Name, Age, Sex, where from, and link me to your yahoo Fantasy Sports profile. If you cannot follow simple instructions I do not want you in my league.

    My Email is Seanishiding@aol.com

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