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  • Dunkelzahn Dunkelzahn Feb 6, 2012 12:00 PM Flag

    Replacement Manager - Dynasty League

    I need a few replacement managers in a Dynasty League. It's year 1, this is a classic 9-cat' league with 14 teams. We'll keep up to four players for next year.

    If you are interested, please send me a mail. I would really appreciate serious managers that would do their daily lineups and would be willing to join again next year - this is a Dynasty ...

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    • Left my email above bc I didn't see your email in the post. Just wondering: you said it's a dynasty but we'd keep up to four? Either way, I'd like to see the rosters. haku1983@yahoo.com

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      • Yeah, it's the first year of the Dynasty, so here's how it works ... Next year, before the draft, you'll be able to select up to four players on your roster and forfeit on the pick they were chosen in the previous draft. It's interesting if you draft young talent or guys that were underestimated, but I think there's no point in giving up your first four picks for players that just have this value or less.

    • haku1983@yahoo.com

    • i'm interested. hit me an invite: ianvalmd@yahoo.com

    • what does the team look like. I do not want to join but if there is a team that has.

      chris paul, kevin love, lebron james all on one team your dynasty will fall apart. I had one guy getting guys like that i told him gl in future years i was one and done with that league. as i imagine the guys that traded him those studs were to. they just trying to win for that one year. they got fair value if it was not a keeper league but keeper leagues you can not stack that way.

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      • Here are the teams, but I've already sent a few invites, so hurry up if you want one ...

        Team 1 :

        Kyle Lowry, Marco Bellineli, Rudy Fernandez, Shannon Brown, Blake Griffin, Kris Humphries, Ryan Anderson, Ed Davis, Jarrett Jack, Jose Calderon, Rajon Rondo, Dorell Wright, Antawn Jamison. Next Year Draft Picks : unchanged.

        Team 2 :

        DJ Augustin, Rodney Stuckey, Jordan Crawford, Thaddeus Young, Amir Johnson, Evan Turner, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bogut, Derrick Williams, James Harden, Gerald Henderson, Nene Hilario, Al Horford. Next Year Draft Picks : unchanged.

      • I doubt anybody will manage to have all these players on his roster - and if he did, it would be nearly impossible for him to keep them the next year. There is a system that prevents people to do such things, and most of the managers are serious - those who aren't were kicked :)


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