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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 20, 2012 1:43 AM Flag

    New Team How is it ?

    Just picked up a team, currently in 4th place, What else can I do to improve this team? 8team h2h FG% FT% 3PT% PTS REB AST ST BLK A/T

    Chris Paul
    Tony Parker
    Rudy Gay
    DeJuan Blair
    Marc Gasol
    Tyson Chandler
    George Hill (dropped for Eric Gordon)
    Chauncey Billups
    Matt Bonner (dropped for Amir Johnson)
    Richard Jefferson (dropped for Ariza)
    Nate Robinson

    Offered a trade...Dwight Howard/Rubio for my Manu/Blair

    I know Eric is currently injured but just picked up this team today and its losing 1-8 and eric should be back sometime next week so figured it was worth a gamble to grab him now..

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      Chalmers, Ridnour, Louis Williams,Thaddeus Young, Andre Miller, Batum(INJ), Noah, Butler, Delfino, Mullens, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Morrow.

    • I cant believe you were able to pickup eric gordon injured or not. I also cant believe Noah is on there and available. drop amir johnson for noah its a better option particularly with bargnani coming back in a couple days. I would also accept the trade you were offered in a heartbeat. Manu wont even be playing for a while its highway robbery that trade, you will instantly beat every team on boards and blocks and likely FG% if you add noah and howard and both will also contribute to steals. Rubio will likely ensure you compete with most etams in assists and I see your team beating many teams in steals too by adding Rubio/Howard. If you pull the trigger on the trade, pickup Noah and have gordon come back from injury you’re in a decent place. Thad young might also be an option as a pickup. When you take Howard and Noah as well you will have a massive big man team - you could afford to trade tyson chandler and I would do this now to get value for him, you could look at a bigger trade for a star by selling high on gasol as well, hes great but if you have bags like howard, noah, amare etc you could maybe afford it. If it were me id keep gasol and try and sell high on chandler for a buy low candidate – danny granger comes to mind if that team needs boards/blocks and has had enough of grangers inconsistency.

    • anyone else?

      I've changed the offer of my Tony Parker/Chandler for their Dwight/Rubio..

      dont think they would have accepted Manu/Blair

    • WAIT A MINUTE LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT you got offered d12 and rubio for manu which will probs not even play this year and blair which is allright i think your a load a load i tell you ... any one else thinks this a load .... cause it is lets just be honest here hey :) good luck with that ....

    • Greatest Championship History™ Greatest Championship History™ Jan 20, 2012 7:09 AM Flag

      The way you handled your team sounds like you're a girl who cannot make up her mind.


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