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  • Tyler Tyler Jan 14, 2012 7:22 PM Flag

    Warning (Rob Longnecker!!!!!! EVERYONE PLEASE READ

    WARNING!!!!! ROB LONGNECKER IS A LYING, CHEATING, IRRESPONSIBLE PERSON WHO CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Do not let this guy join your league! He joined my Fantasy Basketball Money League a 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas Day and communicated with me back and forth a few times about when he would pay his dues and how he would do so. The league dues fee was $20 and he said that he was unable to use PayPal saying, "It's a long story" but he said that he would send me the $20 through the mail. He got my address and everything and I waited a couple weeks and I never got anything. I left the university where I work and where I had him send the money, to go home for Christmas break and I expected to have the money when I got back to school in January. I never got the money, I messaged him and emailed him several times with no response, but at the same time I watched his team to see if he was making any roster moves which he was. I locked his team and he made a great league now a little bit worse. I just want to warn everyone so that no one will ever take his word and trust him again! I now know why he cannot use PayPal anymore!

    Name: Rob Longnecker
    Email: Rob_longnecker@yahoo.com
    Team Name Used: Duncan's Riot