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    20 Team Salary Cap Dynasty

    This is a 20-team, H2H, Salary Cap Dynasty League where the player's assigned contract terms, and values, will run concurrently with their actual NBA salaries. The salaries numbers MAY not be exact, but they will be from hoopsworld.com to be as fair and consistent as possible.

    Each team must have 12 players on its roster at all times. The thirteenth spot is optional. Team salaries may not exceed the Roster Cap Number($90) at any time during the season.

    We will be allowing one IR spot per team. If a player has a known injury (usually indicated by a medical red cross next to their name in Yahoo!) you will be able to place that player on the IR List and protect him until next season. His cap number will come off the books for that season and that season only. Players placed on the IR are done for the season so, after you place a player on the IR, you cannot reactivate him that season even if he returns to action.

    If a player becomes a Free Agent in the NBA, he becomes a Free Agent in this league. However, if the team that has the player who is becoming a FA has the cap space to retain him, the player DOES NOT hit the open market. If the team that has the FA-to-be does not have the cap space to resign the player or chooses not to that player will join the Rookie/Free Agent Draft the offseason in which he becomes a FA.

    If you have a player whose contract runs more than one year is on your roster, you MAY NOT drop him. That player will remain on your roster (and your cap) until the final year of his contract. You MAY drop players who are in the final year of their deals.

    When trades are done, both teams must remain under the salary cap. We will not be trading draft picks (for this year). Trades will be vetoed via Message Board vetoing. Vetos will only be enforced when 5 of the ACTIVE Managers veto a trade they deem unfair.

    Amnesty Rules: Each team will be given one amnesty per each CBA, meaning if you use your amnesty this year you will not have another one until the NBA goes under a new CBA. However to amnesty a player he must have an Average salary of $8 for the remainder of his contract. For example if a player has a contract of $7 $8 $9, you can amnesty him, but if the players contract is $7 $8 $8, he can’t be dropped.
    Tanking will cost your team expulsion. New managers will have a one-spot penalty to their draft position.


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