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  • Eric Eric Jan 4, 2012 12:18 AM Flag

    Trade Nash/Dwill for Pau/Crash?

    12 team head to head standard league, non-keeper.

    PG Deron, Nash, Lowry, Teague
    SG Jack, Gordon
    SF Odom, Landry, Jamison
    PF Griffin
    C Gortat, Dalembert, Kaman

    accepted a trade for Wright and Frye for Odom and Gordon, kind of
    gambled and bought low there and the fact Gordon is prone to injury.
    And he only gives me stats in points and treys. Odom doesn't seem
    motivated and mpg will be limited with Nowitzki and Marion and emergence
    of Mahinmi.

    I have three trade offers on the line, which helps me best?

    Nash for Crash
    Pau for Deron Williams
    Nash and Dwill for Pau and Crash.

    Help please. It's a money league.

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    • i have both frye and wright in my team and both are giving me headaches. dropped frye awhile ago. you gave up gordon who will be solid in NO when he returns and odom who is getting his for especially when he gets his confidence back after playing LA. I also have pau gasol in the same lineup and is very efficient. based on your 3 trade options i see the third one best. getting pau and crash for dwill and nash. lowry is playing pretty amazing right now so youre good in the PG spot. we pretty much have the same roster in the same 12-man league. and i am doing good so far.

      you made a wromg decision in that trade. you should have gotten pau for dwill and get rid of kaman for a defensive player like hayes for some defensive stats and you lineup should be good.

    • That initial trade you did with Gordon is terrible. Gordon is a sure thing when he plays, Wright was always gonna be a bust. Thats a horrible call you made.

      I wouldnt trade Nash or Dwill for those guys - your worried about nash getting through the season but your taking back a guy as injury prone and in a worse system with worse trainers in wallace (hes called crash for a reason) pau was playing with noone and he still wanst getting it done before bynums return, he is in his 30's and now the 3rd option - and its not like hes aggressive or hasnt had injury problems himself. There is no way you wont get more for deron and the return on nash isnt worth trading him. If you can get a younger big like maybe jefferrson or even aldridge that makes sense for you to give away deron – and guys with those bigs may very well need a pg so it makes sense for them too, pau doesn’t make sense. Dont get rid of both those pg's get rid of 1 so you still compete in assists.

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      • The way I look at it....is that Gordon only provides a good source of 3s, points and FT%. Odom is a glue guy that I didn't want or need and is playing behind Dirk and Marion.

        I bought low on Wright and Frye and hope that the 2 somehow bounce back and give me solid 3s and rebounds.

        Even with Bynum as the 2nd or 3rd option, its not the first year he's teamed up with Bynum. I see Kobe missing some time throughout the season.

        If you had to make one trade for the PGs, would you move Dwill or Nash instead?

    • honestly Pau's production might go down with bynum...try to trade Aldridge for Dwil if possible...

    • anyone? i will help in return.

      i need to decide by tonight.

    • Trade both Nash and Deron! Nash won't last the entire season and Deron knows he won't win with the Nets...

      But if you want to let go of just one PG, go for the Nash-Crash deal

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      • The only reason why I'd trade Dwill is because I get Pau.

        I want to move Nash because of his age, and I want to keep 1 PG to keep myself competitive in 3s and assists.

        Hopefully Wright and Frye who I just traded for (buy low) will return to last years form. Taking a gamble there.

        So I can't see myself trading both....

        anymore opinions??

      • I'm having a tough decision myself...I'd love to trade both and give up assists...but I also want to keep Nash or Dwill to keep myself competitive in assists and 3s. If I trade Dwill, I'm afraid Nash mpg will be down or get injured. If I trade Nash, I won't get Pau. So I'm having a tough decision, I'm already gambling by taking a chance with Frye and Wright.

    • Crash AKA Gerald Wallace


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