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  • Mark C Mark C Jan 1, 2012 2:28 AM Flag

    Dwight Howard BLOCKBUSTER

    14 team H2H:

    Team A gives:

    Derrick Williams
    Jameer Nelson

    Team B gives:

    Pau Gasol

    Who wins and why?

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    • No one wins a 4 player trade because any team that needs to make a trade of this magnitude hasn't drafted a team capable of winning their league.

      Good luck scraping the playoffs whether you make this trade or not.

    • Both sides have their ups and downs. Howard is obviously a monster but the other 3 are question marks, they all have the talent but they also all have the potential to come up short of expectations.
      Team B will give you much better %'s but Duncan and Billups are somewhat question marks as well.

      I think if you are not as worried about shooting percentages go with team A, Howard and Blatche should have great seasons and if Jameer has a decent season and Williams keeps up what he's doing you should have some well rounded stats.
      But Gasol,Bosh are two nice big men, not as flashy as Howard but they get the job done, Duncan still has some fantasy value, especially on 1st games of back-to-back nights. And Billups should still be a good source of 3's and decent everywhere else.


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