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  • CWizzle CWizzle Dec 20, 2011 2:08 PM Flag

    Question for Commissioners

    I have a question for any league commisioners out there, or anyone else with knowledge on this subject...
    In a PRIVATE H-2-H league, can the league commish change the "Can't Cut List Provider" from Yahoo, to something else, and either get rid of the list altogether, or make a custom list?
    If so, would it have to be done before the beginning of the season?

    I am in a private league with only 6 teams. (dont make fun, its something new and different lol). There's obviously a ton of talent left in the FA pool, so if 1 of my players either gets into a HUGE slump, gets injured or loses his starting postion, I would not be able to drop him and add another Free Agent.

    For example, I drafted Marcin Gortat as 1 of my last picks in the hopes that he has a great season averaging 10+ Reb's, 1-2+ BLKs, and 1 of the highest FG%'s in the league.... BUT if he gets injured, or loses out on his starting job to either Robin Lopez or Channing Frye, I can't drop him for another talented FA such as: Hibbert, Scola, Cousins, Okafor, Chandler etc etc.
    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer.

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    • The can't cut list is also is usually updated reflecting injuries. The timeliness may be a factor. If the injury is long term or season ending, the player is usually taken off the list.

    • I am commish in a 12 team Private H2H league. You have the option to use Yahoo or no list. To change, go to Commish Tools > Edit Settings. I am unsure if you can change after the season started but it does not say you can. Other settings tell you ( Predraft ex.). I clicked on the details by the can't cut list and read this ....

      The Can't Cut List is designed for leagues with 12 teams. Since teams in smaller leagues may include several elite players, using the Can't Cut List for leagues smaller than 12 teams might limit the ability of managers to drop unwanted players, particularly those with short-term injuries

      So I am unsure if Yahoo prevents this in smaller leagues but I remember shutting the can't cut list off in 10 team leagues before.

      Hope this helps,



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