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  • Alan F Alan F Dec 16, 2011 6:52 PM Flag

    1 spot open for $50 H-T-H-Super league

    Feel like joining a well organized Basketball head to head money league? Entry fee is $50.
    I have organized large March Madness pools, Yahoo Baseball and also Huge Football Pick'em as well for many years.
    All my NBA leagues feature daily lineups, deeper rosters and several stat categories. This is the 3rd league I have, the other 2 are filled.
    1 Unpaid Spot is open for our 3rd yahoo league for a 12 manager league.
    First manager to pay ASAP will get in the league right away.
    Please send any mails, if interested, to me at amf33@yahoo.com-Serious AND PAYING managers only.
    BTW plenty of pay references from all my leagues are totally available to anyone on a need to know basis.
    I do not use Leaguesafe, because all my leagues are legit, and I pay whoever wins promptly and do not keep any money for myself (as some commissioners do)
    Live draft is on Thursday December 22nd at 9:00 PM edt


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