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  • Garfield Garfield Dec 16, 2011 10:11 AM Flag

    Deep roto auction Sunday 3pm

    last couple of years I've been experimenting with different formats with live auction drafts, and found out again and again that invitation-only leagues are the ones where people actually care.

    This year's project focuses on mimicking real basketball teams (thus no utils), limiting potential abuse of wavers/trades, and addresses also people who can't/won't check on their teams daily (which doesn't mean the league can't be active).

    The draft will take place at 15:00 ET this coming Sunday.
    So far we have 6-7 confirmed people, the final number of teams will be cut down to the total number of participants (most likely 14-16, hopefully 20).

    For more details on motivation and settings:

    Sounds interesting? Then send me an email at danielkazaniecki@gazeta.pl


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