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  • Alejandro Alejandro Dec 14, 2011 10:56 PM Flag

    Fun $25 h2h league

    Me and 6 of my friends from the Portland, OR area have a h2h league going. Currently we need 5 more teams. You can be from anywhere, but note that if you're on the east coast you'll be staying up late for the draft. The draft currently is scheduled for 12/23 at 7PM with a possible switch to 12/22 at 8PM, (west coast times) depending on what works best for the team managers once we get 12.

    Standard 9 categories, roster positions are 3 Gs, 3 Fs, 2 Cs, and 3 Util, with 4 BN spots.

    We're really looking for active managers. Ideally active would mean that you regularly pick up waiver wire players, propose trades, and maybe even engage in a little friendly (non-offensive) smack talk from time to time. But realistically, we'll settle for someone who sets their lineups every week through the end of the season. I don't understand why people sign up for a league and check out in Week 2, especially in a money league.

    Oh yeah, and there is a $25 entry fee. I'm asking that all of you out there in the general public pay by paypal please. The prize money will be distributed thusly:

    Regular Season Champ- $50
    Playoff 3rd Place- $25
    Playoff 2nd Place- $75
    Grand Playoff Champion- $150

    Please write Alejandro at treebeard_tamargo@hotmail.com if you'd like an invite.


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