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  • Jeremy Jeremy Nov 26, 2011 8:00 PM Flag

    $35 Unique Money League

    All money handled by league safe, league votes in the end to handle prizes. Everyone must vote for the winners! No Exceptions no second chances.

    League ID:26297

    Password: balling

    Here is how the league works:

    Heres how the league works. This season if we get 10-14 teams two teams will be removed at the all star break and another draft held for the remaining teams to "draft" the removed teams players. If we get more than 14 we may increase the number of teams removed. At the end of the year every team that made it past the all-star break will get two keepers for next year the two removed teams can play but NO KEEPERS. The following years any teams being in the bottom 2 or 4 (depending on number of teams in league) at the allstar will be removed and lose their keeper privilege even me. Any new team entering the league will have no keepers but they will be at the top of the draft with any returning teams which didn't make the all-star break cut the year before. The re-draft after all-star break can go by waiver wire position, random, worse team to best team, or give the lower ranking teams a better chance at a higher pick we can vote on that. ANy questions let me know and I got the idea from a baseball league I am in cashmoneybaseball.com check it out if you like or have any questions just ask.

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