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    Hello all. We are having a late night draft for Saturday night at 11 45 pm east coast time usa( 4 SLOTS LEFT. FIRST QUALIFIED MANAGERS IN GETS THE SLOTS.THE RANDOMIZER IS WARMING UP!) This league will be a best pair wins league( haven't tried this at yahoo, but if assigning keeper players ahead of time is possible this can be done here too. The idea is that this is what I like to call a loaner league and not a keeper or a non keeper It will be a 14 team head to head points league. In this league we will take the top 15 teams(points scored) and the bottom 15 from last season and using a randomizer assign 2 teams to each manager( this means 28 of 30 nhl teams will be represented). That manager will need to change their team name to include both of the team names they are assigned so we know .which ones the have. Each manager will then need to select 6 players from these 2 teams( there will be 20 man rosters with a minimum of 2 players from either team) The commish will then install these 6 players to your roster before the draft and we will draft 14( you will need to keep 6 players from these 2 teams on your active roster at all times during the season( If one ends up on the IR,you will need to replace him with another from these 2 teams,otherwise you are free to do what you want with the other 14 slots. Looking for honest managers that will be active abd stick with their teams all season long regardless of the standings and will help monitor the other teams in the league. We are already doing this in football at another site. If interested contact me at eddino55@yahoo.com

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