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  • Joe Joe Oct 7, 2011 2:36 PM Flag

    5th year frranchise league - 3 openings

    I run a franchise basketball league where you start with 2 NBA teams and you get the rights to all of their players.

    The only players that teams can pick up from free agency are players on one of their 2 NBA teams.
    You can trade players and you keep the rights to any players on your roster from year to year no matter what NBA team they are on as long as you don't ever drop them to waivers (our roster spots are large enough to where this has never become an issue). I basically enter your starting roster verbatim from the end of the previous season.

    The format is a lot of fun and the league has been very active throughout the 5 years so I'm looking for 3 very active managers to take over as replacements.

    The open teams are:
    -Oklahoma City/Atlanta
    -New Orleans/Charlotte

    Keep in mind that the rosters have changed throughout the years with trading and so on, and that these franchises will inherit the rookies that their NBA teams drafted.

    Email me if you're interested:

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