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  • papaw papaw Nov 1, 2011 9:45 PM Flag

    Tim Ross is a scam commish

    I have to agree. I hope they get him but you must have a lot of money to give 300 dollars to a fantasy league commish you don't even know.I'd be ashamed to admit it to everyone. What a patsy.

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    • I would be ashamed to admit I can't read!

      If you look above your post I sent the guy 45 dollars and should of won 300.

      Why be ashamed of making mistakes?

      Geez people everyone got to get over themselves.

      I have started these topics to prevent it from happening to others yet I get reply after reply of ....Boy your stupid...I would not do that...I would be ashamed to admit that....

      If you haven't noticed I am not the bad guy I am the stupid guy yes but the guy would stole the money is the bad guy.

      The amount of people that say it is his right to run off with the money speaks to how many MORONS populate this world


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