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    Need Your Vote! Which team is better? R-League

    I'm participating in a large keepers league (20 teams) where, year after year, managers keep every single person on their roster, unless a player retires or leaves the NBA. I feel like I'm having a decent draft, but the commissioner recently called me out on some of my picks. I fired back that I'd take my team over his any day. We're still participating in the draft (5 rounds in), so I figured we could have you decide. I've excluded the first round pics because he conveniently gave that one to himself.

    Team A: Marc Gasol, Jrue Holiday, Jameer Nelson, Jared Dudley

    Team B: Tyreke Evans, Roy Hibbert, DeMarcus Cousins, Mo Williams

    vote which team is better and include a couple words that support your arguement.

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