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  • Dylan M Dylan M Aug 15, 2011 7:45 PM Flag

    NBA 30 Team Dynasty Needs Managers

    If you're looking for a realistic league this is what your'e looking for. In this Dynasty League everyone will choose one of the 30 NBA teams and will receive all the players from that team. You are free to do what you want with the guys on the team however Salary Cap will hold you back.

    The league will be exactly like the NBA except its fantasy. Same salary cap, same players on each team, Free agency, trade deadline and everything.

    You may be thinking free agency? How would that work? Well when a player on your team is an unrestricted FA (or if he opts out or the team declines his option in real life) he's fair play. Each team will tell me what they offer a certain player. There will be a deadline to when you can offer guys contracts and the player will go to the highest bidder. However don't forget about your salary cap. Every signing must be able to happen with the cap and if not, the player goes to the next guy in line.

    Since you can't have 30 team leagues on Yahoo it will be run in two separate Leagues Western Conference and Eastern Conference. I will be co-owner of a team in the opposite conference so I can still oversee both leagues.

    Everything involving salaries will be on a proboards site I create and we will also have a league website I'll create.

    If you have interest please email me at dmend19@aol.com
    If you are not beyond active please do not email me. Look if your not a top of the line, crazy nut owner then this isn't the league for you. We currently have 18 managers however it seems like many will be replaced so please let me know your top 10 teams you would like and I'll try to get you the highest choice possible.

    After you send me the email, be prepared for an interview. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure this league has the most active managers.

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