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  • Allport Allport Mar 28, 2011 7:44 PM Flag

    Commissioner Dilemma

    So i'm the commish of my 10 man head to head league. I've been having to veto bullshit trades by two people who joined throughout the season and one continues to say i'm trying to "cheat" him out of a win. Well now the same two people just had one drop McGee so that the other could pick him up in the last 2 weeks of the league.

    So my question to everyone is, should i just force him to redrop McGee and keep McGee on waivers so no one can pick him up and have an unfair advantage, or should i just let it happen and say oh well since he implores that i have been trying to "screw him out of the league all year".

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    • thats a great point. i had to jump back into this conversation cause i just heard that tim duncan will play tonight. this whole thing started when a manager dropped mcgee for duncan a few days ago. the commisioner didnt think this was a good move so he froze the league and ruined the whole season for everyone but himself and his friends. with duncan possilbly playing tonight, mcgee for duncan isnt that crazy of a drop and this was all for nothing

    • I think the biggest thing that everyone has overlooked is this... He says that he would have changed it to League Votes instead of COmmish Veto, But that less than half of the league is active... If you commish a 10 team league and 5 or more teams are inactive, that is being a bad commish. When a team becomes inactive you shuold replace it with an active team... Or would that piss your friends off??

    • You guys gotta hear what Mr. Niceguy did to me now. Personally, I could case lass if I win this league, or who wins it. The commish said don't want anyone to win the league because of my quitting the league. He also said he was going to fill out my lineup to prevent that. He showed his real true colors when He STOPPED filling out my lineup because I was winning 10-0 in my final 4 matchup agaist Scottie. He also showed his true colors by trying to look like the good guy and making up for the fact that he screwed this league up. So what dis he do about making sure I don't win this weeks match despite saying he don't want Scottie to win my match unfairly? LOL..He filled out my roster for 2 DAYS with one less player on my roster than my opponent, AND I WAS STILL WINNING 10-0. Real classy there my friend. Thought I wouldn't see that?

      You are as communistic as they come. This guys antics should be sent to Yahoo, and he should be banned from ever playing yahoo fantasy sports again.

    • Not sure if this point was brought up as to why someone might cut Javale McGee..

      I have had McGee all year but cut him on Monday. His last 3 games are Wed/Fri/Sun - the 3 days everyone plays. I wouldn't have been able to play him, so I am streaming players that play Tue/Thu/Sat with his slot.

      Just a thought

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      • You knows really funny? Someone on here said this commissioner seemed really smart. Now that made me laugh for 2 days. If anything, I think he seems the exact opposite. Anyone who would come on a public message board and spill his guts and making it public that he runs a league like he does needs a round of applause. Obviously the man is touched, and needed attention, because he surely can't be serious about any of his statements. Could he? Its a staged joke right?

        This commissioner made a complete ss out of himself by announcing to the yahoo family that he cheated the managers in his league. To funny.

        He stated that lefty (I think thats his name) was winning his playoff match 10-0 with the commissioner running his team. Well, obviously lefty has a pretty darn good team. Now it all makes perfect sense, and commish? You just told on yourself. LOL, The guy actually has such a good team, that you knew you didn't have a snowballs chance in Heck of winning YOUR LEAGUE if Lefty's team got even better by added McGee.

        Hey good call man, if I was a commissioner, and I wanted to win my MY LEAGUE (which I would never stoop so low as to do) I would screw the other managers in the league too!

        You are hilarious...Keep those wonderful comments coming man. I love how you just keep digging a deeper hole for yourself.

    • You misread what i stated, i do not know any of the other 3 people in the final four. It wasn't that i was allowing my "buddy" to have picked him up as i do not know the person at all, it was that i would have allowed anyone else other than Lefty as it (to me) clearly showed he was once again trying to do the same stuff that was going on earlier in the season where Kunde was continually knowingly or unknowingly helping Lefty. If nothing had happened earlier on in the season, i would have had no reason to suspect any fowl play and would have had to let the waiver acquisition stay, however this was not the case. Also no, i would not have picked him up myself as i did not think it was fair, nor did i notice in time ;).

      You asked if i would have allowed Lefty to pick up McGee two weeks ago, and quite honestly most likely not, as it would have been the same situation just two weeks earlier. Kunde, who regardless if he is doing it knowingly or unknowingly, has been trying to beef up Lefty's team all year. Also in the past two weeks (according to yahoo ranking which is what i follow) there are very very few people better than McGee. He is doing better than Chris Paul, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe, and Granger.

      Also as u said why would a team help another team in the playoffs? I don't know, why would another team who is in the semi's drop McGee and then not set his lines for the next 5 days? In addition you said that i screwed him over by not allowing the Humphries trade, well if you did pay attention to what was written you would have seen that Lefty was receiving Aldrdige, not Humphries. So i actually helped him in your way of thinking by not allowing the trade.

      I will say that i was wrong about one thing, and that was i wish i had checked the league the day that McGee was dropped because what i should have done was not allow the drop to begin with. However i was on a bye week so i didn't check until Monday, which of course was the day that he came off waivers and Lefty had picked him up.

      If i truly wanted to screw anyone out of a league, a commish can easily force someone to drop all their players or change their points (it has been done to me in my football league as i stated in this thread). This is the opposite of what i wanted to happen as i already stated. Please if you are going to comment, read the entire thread.

    • I would like to say thank you for taking your time to share your views on the matter and appreciate the points raised by all parties. I have a very specific view of how a league should be ran which i see now clearly is the opposite of how "some" others would run a league. If i do run a league again that i open to the public i will make sure that all people who join know full well how i run a league so similar troubles do not arise. As of right now i most likely will just run my hockey league again with people i know as it does seem to go much smoother.

      Also, Ole Lefty did not know about my father otherwise I'm sure he wouldn't have said such a comment to myself hence the reason i did not "freak out" and return his derogatory comments with some of my own. Very much similar to an instance where someone makes a "your mom" joke when the mother has passed, you can't fault the person as he didn't know. As for my own personal situation he passed when i was quite young so luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) i don't remember him much.

      As for the matter at hand i did have to lock the team so he wouldn't continue to drop his players, however i am setting his lines for him and hopefully he calms down so that he can finish the season himself but if he doesn't i'll just continue to set his current roster. He is actually winning 10-0 currently (his team is quite good) and i'd like nothing else than him to finish the season himself. However, that is ultimately his decision.

      Again, thank you everyone for your time and input as it helped shed light on how others see how a league should be ran.

    • (fyi: I wrote a long nice note up above somewhere)

    • It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here. The Commish clearly bent one off in the ole lefty. He did not allow him to pick up McGee, because it would not be in the best interest of the Commissioner or his buddy winning the league. Its a classic case of the commissioner looking out for #1 (himself) and his buddy whome he obviously knows quite well. That is why he said he would have allowed his buddy to add McGee had he claimed him off waivers. Thats pretty bad Mr. Commissioner!

      Secondly, if you don't think it is fair for a manager to be able to pick up a player of McGee's stature for a playoff run off waivers, then you should have put that in the rules. Or did you? Now let me ask you this. Would you have allowed ole lefty to pick up McGee 2 weeks ago? He had the #2 waiver pick right? You screwed him out of that privledge to add a quality player (which he had every right according to the waiver rules, but because it didn't benefit you, you didn't allow it)

      I saw your comments, and I saw lefty's comment. Dude you are so wrong, that you should be ashamed of yourself.

      You said all trades need to be even. Then why Trade???? I've said enough, and I believe I made my point. Its a shame you ruined this league to benefit you and your buddy. That is not only unfair, but inmature as well. Incidently, I have a real hard time believing that the team that dropped McGee was helping lefty win. If he wanted to do that, he would have certainly dropped someone better than McGee. And why would he help another team when he himself made the playoffs? The Commisioner is wayyyyyyyy out of line here. He wanted to show his authority by being the commissioner, when really all he did was make a fool out of himself. One last thing, The Commissioner said he vetoed a trade of Kris Humphreys for Lemarcus Aldridge early in the year? That was wrong too. Humphrey's has been outplaying Aldridge for probably the last month, or close to it. So basicly, you bent one off in Ole Lefty TWICE.

      Good luck in your finals against your buddy.

    • that is the funniest thing I've heard all day. cheers!

    • wow another long winded communitarian

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