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  • Gio Gio Mar 23, 2011 5:22 PM Flag


    I saw a while ago that Sundiata Gaines will now start for the Nets. Is he worth adding for Nick Young?

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    • Haha please say your joking... A) Are you in a 40 team league? B) Why drop Young now when he will be back soon C) Jordan Farmar or Splitter would be better D) Who the hell is Gaines, haha jk.

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      • In response to Matthew:
        A) I've never even heard of a 40 team league
        B) It doesn't make sense to keep Nick Young if his absence this week makes it so you lose and there is no next week.
        C) Farmar and Gaines would probably get pretty similar numbers if they both were given starters minutes, and Splitter would be a horrible choice if you are looking for a PG/SG type stats The poster also never mentioned that they were available in his league.

        To answer the OP's question, I would keep Nick Young over Gaines unless you think you would lose this week's matchup if Young does not play or struggles to produce coming off his injury.

        But if you can still win by holding onto him, by next week I think he will be healthy again and be a much better option compared to Gaines.


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