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  • yooyoye yooyoye Mar 19, 2011 6:41 PM Flag

    Can a Commissioner disqualify a team?

    Hey, my matchup has added players that play the next day everyday this week, and today he made a team that's lost drop his great players and he picked them up. This isn't fair for me, although I'm up, he can now come back because of his cheating..
    Is there any way for the commissioner to either disqualify his team or somehow drop/bench his players for the day?

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    • Also now that I read that the players he dropped were Lamar Odom and Vince Carter then this makes this totally legit. Both players have struggled (especially Vince Carter who can lose your whole FG% category for you recently) and have been dropped in more than just your league this week. During fantasy playoffs or while fighting for position to get into fantasy playoffs, sometimes you have to drop respectable players if they aren't performing for you. Vince Carter has been a FA in 2 of my leauges for about 3 weeks now.

      Its not like the guy dropped Kobe, Lebron and CP3

    • maybe should be in a real leaugue where you get max moves for the week

    • IT is wrong, in the leugues i played if u do that stuff u have to pay, and it takes away from fantasy because then it turns into a battle with who can get the player from the losing team at least our commisioner is strict

    • It's not cheating, and it's perfectly legal in Fantasy Basketball. The only way a league can prevent or at least regulate that style is by putting a maximum add/drops in a week. That technique is called "STREAMING." I guess your opponent has more experience in Fantasy sports than you. Fight fire with fire.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with him adding and dropping players to get more games in, its part of the rules so its not cheating.
      As far as him "making a team that has lost drop their great players" that would be cheating (collusion) if you could prove that he was working together with that other team. BUt do you have any proof?
      What if that other team just decided to give up, drop all his players, and the other guy was the 1st to jump on them when the cleared waivers?
      I mean you had the same opportunity to grab those players the other guy dropped didn't you?/ Even if the guy you are talking about had the number 1 waiver, that's only good for 1 player and after that he gets the last waiver, so if one team dropped ALL their good players he would only have an advantage on picking up 1 of them, and that's assuming he had the number 1 waiver.

      So unless you can prove that he was working with the team that dropped all their players, then there is nothing that can be done, and if there is no proof then he techinically has not cheated.


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