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  • yooyoye yooyoye Mar 20, 2011 3:04 AM Flag

    Can a Commissioner disqualify a team?

    yea its my first year, but he also made the guy that lost drop his guys, that's real cheating..they werent FA type players, they were legit good players (odom and carter).
    and um im still killing him even though he did this all week so i think intelligence beats experience..

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    • I am still missing how this guy "made" the other guy drop his good players??? Did he hold a gun to his head?
      If they worked out a deal then yes that is cheating, if not then like I said before you had the same opportunity to pick them up once they cleared waivers or to put a waiver on one of them.
      The streaming players in and out is completely legit and is only controlled by the max add/drops allowed per week. If there is no max then that is on the commisioner not the player who is just playing by the rules.

    • Good for you, princess. Keep being AWESOME!


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