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  • Kahonu Kahonu Mar 17, 2011 1:01 AM Flag

    Cheating on games played


    I am a second year manager. I saw this last year and I'm seeing it again this time around - and it really bugs me. You look at a team, and they have a respectable standing. But you look deeper and you see them at negative double-digits on games played in all positions. Then you monitor their line-up day to day - and it never changes. They constantly have players not playing that day in their active line-up, yet they are way under budget on games played. I work hard to budget my games and I feel like I'm in a no-win situation. Here is an example - http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/16831/12 And there are a couple other teams in the same situation. Can anyone tell me how this can be??


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    • I would've been so happy to have Kobe and Dirk on a team together and I bet he's kicking himself now for not giving Kobe another 2 to 3 months to improve his FG%.

    • jennings had a high Orank. Diaw and Noah had 50-80 Oranks. pretty much equal during time of trade. but man, did he screw up LOL

    • I have the same situation in my H2H league, there are 2 or 3 quitting managers @ the bottom of the standings that stopped setting their line-ups several weeks ago. Problem is 6 playoff teams are still vying for playoff position & lst week byes (to lst & 2nd place). Their is a solution to this problem but it lies in your league commissioner "doing the right thing" he possesses tools that allow him to go into any team in the league and set their lineup at any given time BUT. In reality how many commish out their would do the "right thing thing"?? In my fantasy experience of 5-6 yrs I have seen it done ONLY once in baseball, its a conflict of interest as the commish may be playing one of these quitters & he is vying for playoff position and will not touch the lineup so his team can benefit and win.

    • That's why I even bother to mention it because those trades were in December and I doubt Noah and Diaw had an O-Ranks in single digits at the time of those trade.

    • It is not cheating.. anyone can purposely sit their players. If they aren't purposely doing it then find a league where people care enough to play fantasy basketball

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      • I think my point is being missed here. These aren't exact numbers, but are intended to illustrate my point, In the situation I am talking about, a person might have Mr. Westbrook in the line-up in the PG slot every day - irregardless of whether Mr. Westbrook has a game or not. In that situation, I would expect the PG position to be depleted by February. But no.. Here we are mid-March, he is sitting at -10 games. That is what I don't get. He is not being penalized for not moving a player to BN when that player doesn't have a game that day. I'd appreciated an explanation of how this can be.

        A peaceful night to all,

    • I don't understand your situation as in the no-win. If they dont set their lineup it's an advantage for you because they are missing out on stats and not utilizing all of their games played. If their team is still doing well, it just means that the players that ARE playing are playing effectively.


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