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  • Matt L Matt L Mar 17, 2011 2:28 AM Flag

    Cheating on games played

    It is not cheating.. anyone can purposely sit their players. If they aren't purposely doing it then find a league where people care enough to play fantasy basketball

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    • I think my point is being missed here. These aren't exact numbers, but are intended to illustrate my point, In the situation I am talking about, a person might have Mr. Westbrook in the line-up in the PG slot every day - irregardless of whether Mr. Westbrook has a game or not. In that situation, I would expect the PG position to be depleted by February. But no.. Here we are mid-March, he is sitting at -10 games. That is what I don't get. He is not being penalized for not moving a player to BN when that player doesn't have a game that day. I'd appreciated an explanation of how this can be.

      A peaceful night to all,

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      • No offense, but if i.e. Westbrook is strating in the PG slot every day, that position will not be able to have more than 82 games - which is how many OKC would play. So in fact by not changing the player at PG you are GUARANTEED to not go over your game limits played.

      • That guy is playing smart but let's talk about your team and making 79 moves in a roto league is crazy something tell me you would've been better to have the team you had the first couples of month.


      • Adam nailed it! You get 82 games at each position with 154 at C and Util as they have 2 slots on your roster. All NBA teams play 82 games so if you have a solid player you SHOULD put them into a slot and not move them. No use wasting a PG game for Westbrook by putting in someone like Bibby who isn't gonna give you the stats. In roto you don't play everyone every night cause (like one of the guys in my league) you'll end up with 4 total games left to be played at this point in the season and no way to gain points after that. What this guy in your league is doing is SMART it isn't CHEATING!


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