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  • kavvyr kavvyr Mar 7, 2011 1:56 PM Flag

    can this team win playoffs?

    Give: Dwight Howard(10G), Stephen Curry(10G), kyle lowry(9G),
    Get: Brook Lopez(12G), Dwyane Wade(10G), Monta Ellis(10G)
    G= how many games they play during playoffs.

    My commish changed the playoffs to week 22, 23, 24. but i know it looks a bad trade but howard has 16 techs and if he gets 2 more than he misses a game DURING fantasy playoffs! does brooks 2 extra games over howard make this deal worth accepting?i just want to win playoffs

    H2H 8cat team in 2nd place (3's, pts, rbs, ast, stl,blck, to)
    -Jose Calderon
    -Stephen Curry
    -Steve Nash
    -Kyle Lowry

    -Nick Young
    -Jason Terry
    -Ray Allen

    -Serge Ibaka
    -Kris Humphries
    -Lebron James

    -Marcin Gortat
    -Joakim Noah
    -Dwight Howard

    1 REPLY: Re: how bada$$ is my team? 35 minutes ago your teams is pretty solid. I would get more opinions, but I actually like that deal for you. I still think that 12 games for brook is probably worth less than howard with 10..but I think wade is a better play than curry (curry has been inconsistent this year), and I like ellis more than Lowry. I think the upgrades in the two guard positions is worth more than the downgrade from dwight to brook, so I'd probably pull the trigger. However, please get more opinions before listening to just my advice.


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