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  • Mark Mark Jan 31, 2011 12:58 PM Flag

    Can this team win it all

    H2H 16 Teams Year 1 in Keeper of 5(PG,SG,SF,PF,C)

    PG Jason Kidd (Dal - PG) Keeper
    SG Kobe Bryant (LAL - SG) Keeper
    G George Hill( SA-PG,SG)
    SF Andrei Kirilenko (Uta - SF,PF)
    PF Chris Bosh (Mia - PF,C) Keeper
    F Channing Frye(Pho-C,PF)
    C Brook Lopez (NJ - C) Keeper
    Util Mo Williams (Cle - PG) INJ
    BN Richard Hamilton (Det - SG,SF) INJ
    BN Jeff Green (OKC - SF,PF) Keeper
    BN Marvin Williams (Atl - SF,PF)

    Is this team strong for a title run?If not what do I need to improve in?

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    • I play with this guy baksetballjones who is just in his first yr playing and is a good manger.

      yes you can win all. all you need and try to move kidd or bryant to replace one of them. Your team can win in so many ways. This is a true basketball team i have come across. If anything you might struggle in 3's pts and ft% but it ain't bad at all.

      People always say get rid and drop this so and so player, but it is easier said than done. You put the right pieces around Lopez and Bosh. You have sf's and some of your guards you can rebound and block.

      Even if one or 2 of your main players get hurt you are still strong b/c you have a strong system knowing what kind of players you need not want.

      I myself don't look at stats that much. None of them have wow #'s but that isn''t a bad thing. if anything it can throw your oppenents of balance b/c they don't know which cat they should try to dominate in that particualar week.

      Thumbs up. These people who bash your team are just jealous b/c you assemble a well rounded team. Don't listen to them man who put down your team. PS I don't want to face 3 weeks from now. AHHH

    • Drop Hill, Hamilton and Marvin Williams.

    • how can you say that? do you play in my league? no

      i want to see one of your teams big shot.

      since you say 'my team sucks' tell me how to improve it. I am in top 5 in blocks and boards. remember that. look at everyone scouting reports their pros and cons. I don't even look at stats all except mins played

    • i only made 9 moves every expect me and 2 other teams has less than 10

    • didn't u read i'm top 5 in almost every cat. including tos expect 3's and ft%

      it's an active league of 16 teams with experience mangers

    • wow your trades sucked and your team is awful you will not win your league. your team sucks in boards and blocks

    • i didn't draft this team i took it over back in nov

      i trade
      tyrus thomas

      chris bosh
      jr smith

      i traded

      b lopez
      r hamilton

      i traded
      n batum

      c frye

      i traded
      a bynum
      j farmar

      j green
      george hill

      I made all these in less than 1 week in late nov

      i mean 4 trades and 9 moves all season

      i'm acutally top 5 in blocks and rebounds i had this team for a month. i'm 3 overall and 4 in the conference.

    • kidds stats are way down. better pgs include holiday, conley and collison ...hill is droppable since hes doing basically nothing

      kobe is the go to guy, but still i'd prefer more valueable superstars like steph curry, d.granger or even d.wade

      ak47 has some value, but is inconsistent due to the double header (read: millsap+jefferson)

      bosh: good roto player but still third wheel, im guessing you used (read: wasted) pick no. two on him. plenty of other players around, who bring more to the table, like z.randolph, a.horford,...and so on...

      frye: too inconsistent, too shabby, trade him since gortat, warrick and lopez are runner ups for minutes

      lopez: good player, but too inconsitent since he refuses to rebound the ball - has lost his 2nd round value, would be best to trade him for a shot blocking forward/center.

      mo williams: injury phrone, motivation is at an all time low, very high on shutting it down, would not have kept him in the first place, maybe you might still get some value for him. try calderon or jennings....

      rip: dropabel, he wont see any courttime soon, out of rotation

      jeff green: since you hold on to him til now, you might just want to keep him, value dropped off consistently

      marv williams: since you leaking big man im guessing this is the only forward with some value available...borderline fantasy player at best.

      since you play h2h you failed to win any specific catergoy, your team does not stand out. its more of a roto team at best....if you make the playoffs....with a big IF....its first round and gone....this team wont win you anything

    • if any of the other 15 teams was smart enough to draft 2 superstars on 1 team, then noooo, this team has no shot at a title run. as far as weaknesses go lets start by oold ass never reliable jason kidd, AK47 is looking like a stoic mormon child molester & playin like shit, hill wont get the minutes, mo has been out forever & rip hasnt even played man , cmon

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