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  • Jaime Jaime Dec 30, 2010 2:46 PM Flag

    Should I Trade Pau Gasol?

    Hello, I am thinking about trading pau gasol, I am worried that he is top notch now, but as the season continues, he will sit more so just like they always do it in LA.. Currently I am number one on head to head but only by like 4 games..

    This is my team as of now
    Stephen Curry
    Eric Gordon
    Jrue Holiday
    Dorell Wright
    Boris Diaw
    Nick Young
    Shane Battier
    Josh Smith
    Mark Gasol
    Paul Millsap
    Javelle McGee
    Kris Humphries

    So should I try to trade pau gasol and for what players?
    I recently put him on trading block and got a laughable trade of Trevor Ariza and Al Harrington for Pau Gasol and Eric Gordon..
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    • Ya.. Pau gassy for a big pf,c like bosh, stoudemire, scola of course man pau is big money!!

    • Pau will become more of a go to guy in the next few weeks. Kobe is struggling and phil jackson will defer more to pau being their number two scorer. He if the best low post back to the basket scorer in the game right now. He is a good FT shooting big man and can block too. I am also currently in first and have been attempting to trade for him for a while now. I've even offered Dirk for the guy. Bynum in the line up does not really effect Gasols numbers. I would keep him.

      You look pretty solid at every position and wouldn't mess with what has gotten you this far. If you start dipping out of first by a large margin then i might tinker with the lineup .he season is young.

    • I personally think Gasol's stats will settle down to a more realistic number throughout the rest of the season, especially with Bynum starting now and looking like he is starting to get back into the swing of things. But I still think Gasol will put up good numbers and would keep him if I didnt have many other Bigs on my roster.
      But since you have Smith, Gasol, Millsap, McGee and Humphries, I would in this situation recommend you trade him. If you wait too long and his production does go down, you wont get the same value.
      I suggest you find a manager in your league who is in need of a big, and see who he has of value, possible a good SF. If you pair Gasol up with Nick Young who is hot right now, you could get some real good value.

    • Btw, it seems like you have a lot of big men so if you can get a great value of Pau, I would trade him.

    • mmm I don't know but I recently sent a trade proposal of humphries and Joe Johnson for him so we'll see. To be honest, his starting stats are inflated due to the Lakers having so many injured big men but he's still a great big guy, an attribute that is hard to find this year.


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