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  • Joe Joe Dec 20, 2010 3:22 AM Flag

    What do I do with Collison?

    is there any hope that this guy will turn things around? Or is he just stuck in a system that doesnt let him produce the same numbers he did last year? I hate dropping a player of his talent. drop or hang on to him?

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    • Collison isn't a player worthy of being dropped. He should NOT be an FA in any league that has more than 6 teams. Even then he should be owned.

    • i traded Mike Bibby for Collison cuz idk about his stats so then i think i got a crappy player. then 2 days ago i proposed a trade to the same guy Collison who he had before and Jamison who i picked up off waivers for Bosh and he accepted it and now i traded Bosh with Deng and Rose for CP3, Horford, and Jrich.

    • i too drafted him and had to get rid of him in a multiplayer deal.his value has lost tremendously and i didn't get much for him, but I did pick up some free agents that are picking things up.

      he is sharing minutes with tj ford and collison doesnt seem to not be doing anything different

    • i just picked him up because i have no other hope for a pf/c on waivers.. If he gets court time and the chance to lead then he will perform... who knows how that will go though..

    • We all feel a little pain when it comes to Collison.

      In my first draft this year I missed the start of the draft and auto picked for the first two rounds.

      1. (12) David Lee PF,C
      2. (13) Amar'e Stoudemire PF,C

      By my third pick all the premier PG were gone:

      1. (2) Chris Paul
      1. (5) Dwayne Wade
      1. (7) Stephen Curry
      1. (8) Deron Williams
      2. (16) John Wall
      2. (20) Jason Kidd
      2. (22) Rajon Rondo
      2. (23) Steve Nash
      2. (24) Chauncey Billups
      3. (29) Monta Ellis
      3. (32) Russell Westbrook

      So I had my choice of Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose and Darren Collison... if only I knew. In hindsight how good do Raymond Felton or Andre Miller look now. I would will swap him for Jose Caleron or even Jameer Nelson, after the trade.

      3. (36) Manu Ginobili SG
      4. (37) Darren Collison PG
      5. (60) Ray Allen SG
      6. (61) Devin Harris PG
      7. (84) Marcus Thornton SG
      8. (85) John Salmons SG,SF
      9. (108) Anderson Varejao PF,C
      10. (109) Nicolas Batum SG,SF
      11. (132) Amir Johnson PF
      12. (133) Serge Ibaka PF,C
      13. (156) Wesley Matthews SG,SF

      I still feel like it is a struggle in assists but I am up to 8pts (will only get harder once Lowry goes to the bench) but have picked up all kinds of PGs from Eric Bledsoe to Kyle Lowry to Luke Ridnour to Jordan Farmar to Nate Robinson. You have to take the best performing player. Others options: Ty Lawson, Jerryd Bayless.

      My Transactions:

      Dec 19 Nick Young Add for Nate Robinson Drop
      Dec 18 Mike Miller Add for Jordan Farmar Drop
      Dec 17 Nate Robinson Add for John Salmons Drop
      Dec 16 Jordan Farmar Add for Luke Ridnour Drop
      Dec 13 Luke Ridnour Add for Nicolas Batum Drop
      Dec 1 Wesley Matthews Add for Samuel Dalembert Drop
      Nov 23 Darko Milicic Add for Chris Andersen Drop
      Nov 22 Chris Andersen Add for Eric Bledsoe Drop
      Nov 20 Kyle Lowry Add for Anthony Randolph Drop
      Nov 9 Eric Bledsoe Add for Linas Kleiza Drop
      Nov 7 Anthony Randolph Add for Marcus Thornton Drop
      Oct 27 Samuel Dalembert Add for Chris Andersen Drop
      Oct 24 Ray Allen Trade for Andrew Bogut
      Oct 20 Chris Andersen Add for Amir Johnson Drop
      Oct 20 Linas Kleiza Add for Wesley Matthews Drop

      Collison is still better than most FA when it comes to assists and steals so I think you have to ride it our and hope O'Brien plays him more.

    • I just picked him up off waivers because someone else has the same doubts as you. He had a damn good year last year, but it's a different system. If you can't be patient, drop him. I'm gonna give him a few weeks.

    • depends on who you will pick up.

    • dude i dumped him weeks ago....
      youve gotta let go... its like the world is lifted off your fantasy shoulders...


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