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  • Tommy Tommy Apr 3, 2010 7:02 PM Flag

    Fantasy Basketball Ethics Question

    Im in a league where you set your roster daily and there is no max number of roster moves you can make. My question is as follows"

    Once we entered the playoffs i realized there was alot of good players floating around on no teams so i began picking up guys and dropping other guys pretty much on a daily basis thus getting players in tons of games. i also ended up losing some really good guys in the process but definitely have come out way ahead as i am now in the finals. there has been alot of complaints about the whole situation, and i certainly wouldn't have won my last playoff game without it... Regardless, it's within the rules but i feel like maybe it's an ethical grey area and i'm looking for some other thoughts.


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    • I really have a problem with people who overdo it.

      I mean, this guy in my league made about 200 moves

      I think that too much

      there is a thin line between streaming an cheating.

      when you draft dead last, and end up with only 1 great player 2 good players, 1 so-so player, and the rest a bunch of scrubs. and you have to be monitoring certain players and drop then when you see a big decline in production for someone available who's been hot lately, THEN THAT IS STREAMING.

      but when you drop all your players on a daily basis, just so all your players are starting, so who can stock more stats THAT IS JUST CHEATING PLAIN AND SIMPLE, especially in leagues that have 14 or less teams.

      I mean if you are in a 20 team league, with 18 players per team and competing in 15 different categories like myself, then that's a whole different story. It'd be ok in a case like this.

      and example of that is my team, I was the last one to draft, and the best I got was Joe Johnson, so I had to pick some player along the way to be able to compete. I ended up with guys like Collinson, Thorton, Tolliver, Reggie Williams, Singleton, McGee, C.J.Watson and Serge Ibaka, and I was even 16th at one point and believe it or not, I ended up in 6rd seeded, with 8 straight wins, and I'm in the Finals right now against the number one seeded team, who has Lebron, Rondo, Zach Randolph and Brook Lopez. BUT I WASN"T PICKING UP PLAYERS EVERY SINGLE DAY, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF PILING UP STATS.

      I when with quality over quantity, and only drop a player when his production dropped or when other player in FA was was too hot to pass on.

    • go check the overall yahoo leader
      Magdiwang (180290
      do you feel bad after seeing their league trading history

    • hey my fantasy commish pickup has locked me out of my team to set my lineup and that "s Unfair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pickup should unlock my teambecause i am on line all the time

    • Why I'm I gonna play a game for over half a year , then have a moral dilemma, because some player you just womped up on, moans how it's lame ass to stream. Jeez, the other guy just doesn't want to put in the effort, not live by some greater code then yourself.

    • All the other teams were governed with the same rules. You did not compete unfairly as other teams can also do what you have done.

      You did not hamper any team from competing fairly nor did you enjoy any special privilege.

    • if it's within the rules then you did nothing wrong since they all had the ability to do the same thing.

      every1 should be getting upset at the commish for not putting weekly move limits...

    • I'm in four different leagues and I'm streaming my way to a gold trophy in each one. My opinion is save the "ethics" for the "politicians" this is fantasy basketball "ride rough or roll over"!!!

    • i think it is a question of ethics. i finished my leagues regular season in 1st without a Kobe Lebron or Paul and only making 6 moves all season. now i'm gonna get whomped by a guy who has made over 200 on the season and over 18 this week alone. in my opinion it should be like golf "sometimes you gotta call a penalty on yourself". oh well, if he can live with himself congratulations i guess.

    • You are using smarts to win fantasy. Nothing wrong with that. I had to do it too. I had so many injuries early in the season I fell way behind. Now I'm in the finals. I hated when people did it in the past cause you could add and drop as many players as you could. Now with the cap on it it's much more strategy. GOOD JOB YAHOO!!!

    • Dont sweat it. We all do it at one point and its within the rules. Trust me they would have done the same.

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