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  • CatmanDu CatmanDu Mar 15, 2010 4:13 PM Flag

    Regular Season Standings Tie Breakers for Playoff Seeds

    In my 12 team head to head league, I ended up tied (exact same record) with another team for the 6th and final playoff spot. I beat this other team twice during the regular season; the only two times we faced off. How did he get the 6th seed and I get relegated to the consolation bracket as the 7th seed?

    My commissioner is baffled by Yahoo's seeming disregard for the universal first tie-breaker: Head to Head results. Even the other team's manager is sorry this happened as he feels I was cheated.

    Does anyone know why this happened?

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    • to get into the playoffs? division record probably did it.

    • Yahoo does a backwards way of deciding ties. It goes by your last week result... so if last week you went 5-4 and the person you tied with went 6-3 you do not get in. If you tie that week then it goes to the second to last week result, and so on until someone wins. So even if you beat that person 9-0 both times in head to head, if they did better than you the last week of the league, they are in.

      Dumb, I know.

    • In the official rules, it says that regular season final standings ties are resolved by virtue of the final week's matches.

      Therefore, even if you beat him twice during the regular season, the only thing that matters is how well your team performed during the final week of the season. If he won 7-2, and you won 6-3, he would advance. Even if you beat him twice during the regular season.

      I think it's a pretty stupid rule myself, but that's what it is...


    • That's messed up. If you beat him twice in the regular season then the tie breaker should go to you. I have no idea why that happened though but you defintley got screwed up the ass.


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