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  • Ray Ray Jan 25, 2010 2:35 PM Flag

    Angry League Member.

    As a commission, I made the rule for the trading policy, trades must be of equal value... I have this one guy whose mad that I reviewed a trade. He picked up a player, Robin Lopez and requested a trade for Aaron Brooks. Immediately I said no without reviewing because c'mon now... Now he's talking trash... Am I being too bossy with this or am I doing the right thing?

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    • stupid decisions... robin lopez is getting points with super high fg%, rebounds, and a sick amount of blocks... not saying he will maintain it, but his potential is through the roof right now. you shouldnt be reviewing trades like this or anything for that matter... vetoing is an admin tool meant to stop trades that might involve collusion and thats about it.

    • too bossy, if your league is very active, then you don't even need to worry about the trade will pass though or not

    • You are being Too Bossy for sure. No league should have one person decide should have vote for veto by all owners. Look, most trades are not even and it really depends on what stats certain owners are looking for. If they have to many good PG's and no big men then they might be willing to give up more talent for a need. You should really change it to league voting for veto I see why the owner would be upset at you.

    • And it's very hard to judge how valuable robin lopez is as he's just taken over the starting spot at center and has been putting up numbers better then brooks since this time. And it shouldn't be up to you to decide how valuable robin lopez will be for the rest of the season.

    • #1, most trades are weighted slightly or heavily to one side, so its tough to get a 'fair' trade. And what exactly are you trying to do by trying to make sure all trades are fair. Make sure the managers who know something about basketball and fantasy sports, dont make an advantageous trade against someone who doesn't know much. Do you think your the teacher for your kindergarden class, or the president of China? Your the commissioner of a fantasy league ease up on the rules, let people 'manage' their teams themselves.

    • way too bossy .. You are basically saying you get to pick what fair value is .that leave way to much room for YOUR interpretation . . not to mention if said teams are your competition your likely to be more bias ..

      a trade should only be vetoed if you suspect cheating .. veto is not meant to prevent stupidity . or your own personal egenda .. only to stop cheating

    • Look you should not have to veto any trades by yourself. If your league is active enough the league will veto it by its self if the trade is unfair. If not enough players are active to veto then the league is not worth being in anyway.

    • too bossy.
      Im commish in a couple, and my thoughts are... someone always wins and someone always loses a trade.
      as a mangaer i wouldnt ever trade unless i felt i was winning.

      I dont veto veto trades unless i think they 2 managagers are up to something dishonest.
      Otherwise one team finds a way to get the upperhand in a trade.. thats what its all about.


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