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    Serious Writers Only.. when to pickup "TMAC"

    When to pick up T mac of waviers? That is the question... I would like to know your personal feeling, or up to the minute thought. I really would like my team to be evaulated. I think I have a nice depth in every position. T mac makes 21 million a year. He's hurt, and has a bad history with stating his injury pain level( coming back early)... here is my team: enjoy :<>: Mo williams(cavs fan, sorry), gilbert arenas(agent zero), joe johnson ( three positions player, vertran), randy foye(plays better then his age, backup to gilbert arenas.. :) Handcuff, Garnett(started slow this year), Oden(ohio state), Shane Battier(vetran), Anthony Parker(cavs fan), eric gordon( indiana-big ten, Andray Blatche(free agent p/u early on, Ronnie Brewer( recent grab), and my newest member ( anythony randolph( Major injury's in Golden State's power forward and centers.Randolph is a sleeper, but I'm a sleep myself ...ha ha ha, ho, ho ,ho..

    this is a long post, but if your team is nasty like mine, and is in this situation, this might help... Plus anyone who's connection and wants to share, go ahead.

    Please dont make this a bad blog ! This is my FIRST POST EVER? thanks yall. god bless.. go cincinnati bengals, and go Ohio State Buckeyes.

    Thanks for you time, and help.! ! !

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    • your the fantasy player i love to play against. the homer that will never win because he drafts based on team pride and not numbers.

      haha, anyways, you have great players on your team, but so many bad ones to negate the positive impact.

      1) having mo, gil, jj, gorden is great
      2) no centers or forwards, at all (which i guess explains the great guard core)
      3) garnett was a big mistake
      4) battier and parker should not be owned unless the league is really deep, you must of drafted them based on articles, but articles usually digg too deep when it comes to sleepers, cuz they need something to write about)
      5) overall i estimate you come in last.
      you have all guards = punt FG and TO
      you have all guards that are avg in asts = coinflip in the ast category, rather than dominating.
      i dont have time to look up numbers, but i would guess FT is also a lost, or coinflip
      you have all guards = punt reb and blk

      "if your team is nasty like mine..."
      -yeah, whatever you say

    • On the positive side, T-mac will be here in a couple days. grab him now!! You have highly ranked guards with mo, joe & zero;Gordon is a player that I love & is a big-time positive on your team. Blatche was a good pickup when jamison went down & likewise for randolf & biedrins. On the negative side, though KG is an emotional leader of his team, his stats aren't what makes him great anymore. He's a solid player but not the 25point, 12 reb guy he used to be. Oden is a middle to bottom range C, foye's a backup(yes a good one, but still a backup), Battier's more of a defensive specialist & a vet leader than a scorer, Parker's decent again but still ranks in the middle of the pack. Blatche is about to lose most of his pt with Jamison coming back & randolf is solid only as long as biedrins is missing playing time. You have a mediocre team and with a few trades and the right moves, you can make it pretty decent. Picking up T-mac will help you, just don't expect him to be as good as he used to be. He'll probly have a rough first month or so & just pray he gets batter lol. Hope I've helped you out somehow man. You seem like a nic guy & I wish you the best of luck.

    • Yea pick him up now. U have a few players that I would not even think about drafting or picking up as a FA. YOur team is sub-par

    • whether he comes up trump on return, your team i would say is still quite below average?! what kind of league are you in? ?

    • lol, your team really isnt that great..t mac is comming back in a week or so i believe, id drop brewer for him soon before someone else scoops him..


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