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  • EDDINO EDDINO Oct 26, 2009 9:57 AM Flag

    live draft tuesday 10 am with your coffee

    Hey everyone. I had room to start one more basketball league at yahoo , so I have created a PUB UNIVERSE HOOPLA league with a live draft for shut ins scheduled for Tuesday at 10AM east coast time. I wanted to do a midnight madness one for tomorrow night, but it won't allow me to schedule one for that time. This one will have 15 teams and 3 divisions, Division winners advance to the playoffs along with the 5 strongest team beyond the division winners. We will miss Tuesday, but I still have us scheduled to start in week 1,so if it allows us to do so, we will hit the ground running on Wednesday.. I set this one up slightly different than my others with the starting lineup, being the 5 regular positions and 3 utilities( more of a sandbox lineup). I have 6 bench spots, so in this league 210 are being drafted( there were 204 in the 12 team so not bad at all). So if you're going to be around to draft with us shut ins and would like to combine hoops with your coffee and muffin come join us( would prefer people that can make the draft sign on if possible for this one, but if that becomes a problem, I'll consider exceptions.) Will be getting some new people to join our group from the boards to add to our overall group depth,. First 15 qualified mangers in will fill this one.Only want managers that stick with team regardless of standings. Lady nba fan atics always welcomed too. Good group to get in with as we play all sports and customize soem of the leagues as well and have a yahoo group, where you can advertise or look for leagues, if you'd like to join that. If interested contact me at eddino55@yahoo.com for sign up info.


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