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  • Jay Jay Oct 5, 2009 7:01 AM Flag

    Normal Commissiers

    I've been running leagues for several years now and would never think of such a thing. But I know it happens. I was in a league 2 years ago and was locked out. The reason he gave was that I was not keeping up with my line-up changes for 3 weeks. This gave 3 teams easy wins and it was unfair to the rest of the league. I tried to explain that my computer was down for that time but he didn't care. So I feel for you. One thing you could try is find a group that is run on the up and up, then stick with it. I have people follow me from season to season. Baseball then football and then basketball. Once you find a good Commissiner just ask him or her if he's doing the league next year and if so let you know about it. I get an e-mail each season asking if I what to start the league up again. If I do it automatic sends out e-mail to people from the previous season to see if they want to join again.
    Good luck

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    • I dont know what to say to commish jackass who trade best players to himself first day after autodraft (20 teams H2H). Lame, stupid or what? Its sad that you cant delete team after that and look for other league.

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      • If you've got less then 3 teams you might give this one a try. I'm not running it but have a good feeling about it. It's a Salary Cap Keepers league, sounds interesting.
        ID# 175573
        PW# money
        Or if you want e-mail and I'll expand one of my existing leagues to get you in if you want. I run a clean ship, no cheating allowed.
        I have 2 leagues and will give you details on each once I hear for you. Good luck


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