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  • bob bob Apr 5, 2009 9:04 PM Flag

    Adding and Releasing (Head to Head)

    Adding and Releasing players in the playoffs is bushleague. Managers that do this need to get a life. I want to play my team vs other team, not my team vs other team and 15 wavier wire players. Yahoo should really do something about this cuz it ruins the playoffs in head to head leagues.

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    • If you don't like it, do what I did and click on the little button that says "Send feedback on your Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball '08 experience." If enough people tell them that they want Yahoo to make a rule change to eliminate streaming, they might do something. Complaining on the message boards doesn't do anything. Yahoo obviously never reads these things.

    • yahoo does do something about this they giv eyou a chance to play in a league with max moves .. you choose not to

      so you think yahoo should police your stupidity ? read the league rules before you join and joina league that fits what you want .. I bet the streamer is happy as hell and i bet he joined the league and read the rules cause he wanted no max games

      seriously people start taking personal accountability .. you are not forced to join a no max limit league ..

      yahoo will do nothing and should do nothing .. you could of joined a league with limits you didn't it on YOU

    • You lost bit.ch...not cause he kept adding & dropping, cause youre to dumb to alter youre team...if someone is hot that is on waivers...why shouldnt someone pick them up...huh...

    • The guy that did it in my league I let beat me during the season and come playoffs we were matched up and I did it back to him and won 8-1(lost turnovers)

    • stop being such a bi#$%, it's strategy kid, if you cant take it then dont play fantasy basketball.....it's actually how im winning my championship game right now and i think its pathetic that people call streaming cheating

    • I bet that if you had an average team, or a lot of injuries you would understand why this is done. And if it is part of the game,it turns out that you are the "bushleaguer" for not figuring this out for yourself. It sounds to me that you were out played .......(LAUGHTER).....Someone got me on that early in the season. How did you let that happen to you in the Finals? How Embarrassing!!!!!!

    • I don't understand why Yahoo sticks with the "unlimited games" format for H2H. It's why I don't play H2H on Yahoo. Almost all the other sites have at least the OPTION of setting a max number of games each week (which is MUCH better than limiting the number of moves, IMO), and a lot of them have the max weekly games thing as the default.

      H2H with unlimited games may appeal to some people, but I personally believe it's a horrible format.

    • Its called streaming. Some say its good strategy because its within the rules. I say bullsh*t. The people who say that are the ones who do it. On all the other fantasy sports sites ive been on, its not allowed. Why? Because its a cheap form of cheating. Only yahoo allows this and hopefully they will wake up and prevent it from ruining the head to head public leagues next season. Its seems all the crappy managers who need the waiver wire to win, flock to yahoo so they can stream. These losers need to get a life. They wouldnt win anything if they couldnt stream. I suggest e-mailing yahoo or send them feedback about how streaming ruins the public head to head leagues.

    • the only thing bushleague, is you. dont talk fantasy like you're all pro when the league you're in doesn't even have move limits, both all season and weekly. amateur.

    • Actually, I see nothing wrong in adding & releasing players in the playoffs, if you have set up the rules & guidelines to allow for this. Simply set the rules from the beginning with a limit on moves or transactions, either for the season or per week.

      While some changes may be unwarranted, the are also all kinds of injuries/slumps that necessitate to add & drop some players.

      If you are too lazy to keep up with your team, then I would say that you have been out-coached . . .

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