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  • John P John P Feb 6, 2009 10:22 AM Flag

    last nights stats and waivers

    Whats going on with yahoo,s stats from last night? Also we can,t make a trade for anyone who is still shown on the waiver list without it being a waiver request.

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    • complain about what to complain you have to have a loss ? what did you lose its free ? you loss out on the free service you only obtain on the whim of yahoo ? they could shut down fantasy sports at anytime and what ? would you file a class action suit for the million of people who paid zero dollars to be here ? lets tall the loss 1million time zero ? hmm it equals zero .. it pathetic people feel the have a right to complain of a free service that by know mean is something a person has to have .. yahoo with holding stats cause of a glitch is not harming anyone it is a slight annoyance on a free site .. don;t you think the positive of having this much for free over ways the one day ? seriously ?

    • have you notice yahoo's stock is in the toilet its because they are losing out on adds,,, google has a system which pays them per hit generated on thereadds .. yahoo can't have this because no one would use there add space .. look around there is not that many adds .. yahoo advertises more on there site now than anyother company .. look at alot of there banners ..

      yahoo isn't making alot of money on anything .. i'm not saying they make alot of money on stat tracker what i am saying is if you won't even but that whats the chances you buy anything else ? and add to that if you complain about 9.99 being to much which alot of people complained about . why would they expect you to use there adds ? yahoo makes money buy telling add companys hey we have so many people on this site .. we perdict x many will look at your service and x- many will buy your service .. if no one is buying yahoo loses ad money .. its not rocket science .. the message i understand totally it the fact that people did yahoo so bad for it.. I have lost my cable tv for hours with out a notice .. of why .. internet has gone down never had an explanatrion .. those I pay way more for .. and no one would findit totally odd they were not contacted .. me as a paying customer any time i have ever asked yahoo anything though the help center i get and answer with in hours ..

      and to use tv comparison .. tv offer you the basic .. and if the reception goes out and all you have is free tv no one calls you or rights you and tell you why ... also if you want more than what they offer you free you have to pay .. you get the basic what 10 channels free and thing else you gotta pay for .. way more than 10 dollars . everybody want something for free what a crappy philasophy .. I was raised nothing is for free .. what ever happened to that ?

    • all those post and you named not one of the 30 sites ? were you talking out of your ? you know ?.... you know people don't take clowns very serious

    • it because you can't you plugged plenty of other sites .. you stated espn for your spread sheets nba ticket to watch the games .. but not one of these imaginary 30 websites that provides more free stuff than yahoo .. you funny clown .. you do your job you make me laugh

    • Just B-Ball....why am i gona name sites?.. for your info?...Please....... Figure it out the internet isnt hard to use.....

    • if you were a paying customer you would have your stats already stat tracker works fine .. don't complain your not paying yahoo anything . if you had the stattracker you would already know your scores .. you wouldn't need to post .. and yahoo will add any stats missed in the end you will end up with the same point as if they posted it right away .. for a free service you guys all expect alot . now if my stattracker goes down the always answer my question in a timely manner .. cause i am a Paying customer ..

    • I don't understand why they couldn't just do a system wide announcement on this. I don't mind waiting but I don't want to have to spend time continually checking to see if a waiver went through.

    • I dont know i just called my commish.. To see if he got an e-mail or something....I'll keep you posted....

    • All are unposted, even with Hockey stats, as well. Jerry Wang must be getting back in touch with his tech roots (and failing)


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