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  • Ian Ian Jan 25, 2009 11:07 AM Flag


    I have a player in my league streams players just to add games to make his team look better. Is this considered cheating? I have taken it as cheating but i wanted some input.

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    • It's not cheating at all, and it does happen. The thing you have to remember is that, while he's rotating players in-and-out, he's running out of games to play. Sooner or later, it will catch up, and he'll have positions where he can't play any more guys there. At that point, his stat totals will remain frozen in that position and it will hurt his overall total....and his roto score.

      Just be patient. It'll all come out in the wash.

    • You just gotta to wait back and grab one of his mistakes off waivers, the quality guy he drops to play a lesser talent just to get an extra game. also, join or commish a league with limited roster moves next time.

    • It's not cheating. It's just another way of playing the game.

      That doesn't mean it's a well accepted practice, though.

      A lot of die-hard fantasy players don't like streamers, but you have to approach it from this perspective - quality vs. quantity.

      A few years back, I played a guy for our league championship. He was a streamer, I was playing the best players I could for quality stats. He beat me, but it came down to 1 block! Streaming against my top quality team didn't give him a blowout victory - he barely won a 5-4 week by only 1 block.

      It taught me a lesson though - if you team is struggling, and there aren't many quality choices on the waiver wire, streaming can get you back into the race by putting bodies into you lineup. It just depends on who you drop and who you pick up.

      Either way, you still have to study the stats to play the game. A good streamer doesn't just put ANYONE in his lineup.


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