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    Here's a good one: Must READ

    I joined a league with some buddies and about a month into the season the commish makes the most ridiculous trade ever. His four worst players for this other teams for best (which hadn't even logged in since the draft). We'll all of us made a big stink over it and he traded those players back and then switched the commish over to me (don't know why, never asked for it). Then he kept on trying to make trades with this same team after we told him not to and I had to keep veto'n his trades, because they were so lopsided. My belief is that he is some how control two other teams in this league, either he's the managers also, or his "buddies" gave him the password to log into those teams and "CHEAT!" Now, it's come down to me completely locking those three teams completely out, no trades, no posts, no roster changes...nothing. Did I do the right thing? Please post your thoughts.


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    • If you only knew what he's done. Did I mention he traded his four worst players for another teams four best? Don't you think that's "cheating", if not I would love to know the definition of it.

      Everytime I would veto his trade(s), then he would post some of the worst threats & language you've ever heard or seen.

      It would seem to me that if you're going to play or even look like you're playing more than one team that you'd at least try and make fair or even trade, but I guess that wouldn't be cheating then, would it.

    • dont lock them out cuz what if ur wong and ppl are actually playing them. Or even if they r his let him play them still. just keep vetoing his ass and hope he stupid enough to drop some good players to try and get them on his other team. plus how do u know he owns a 3rd team? Just keep telling the guy he's a dousche and veto trades. he was the commish and did make the league after all so he deserves to be able to play still.

    • LOCK THE 2 TEAMS HE IS TRYING TO MAKE HIS TEAM BETTER WITH .. that is a quick way to make sure he is using just 1 team .. if he tries to drop any good plays lock his transactions and drops .. he wants you to lock him completely to call you a cheater this way he can still compete fairly and when you guys destroy him he has no excuses


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